Toynbee Tile News and history 101

In late 2001/early 2002 artist, musician and Toynbee tile lover Justin Duerr discovered the last original tile ever glued, just minutes after it was put to the street. He wrote to I left my house on a mission to my lacal convinience (sic) store for a late Sunday night snack (about 4:00 A.M.,so perhaps […]

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great! amazing! stupendous!

I’ve never really given much thought about what I want done with my body once I’m done with it. I guess that I figured that I’d be cremated. It’s better for the environment, cheaper and generally more appealing in some way. No embalming, rotting or worms. I may have just changed my mind though. If […]

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Resurrect Dead: the preview

I’ve finally been given the ok to post the preview for “Resurrect Dead” the Toynbee tile documentary. I’ve been sitting on it for months, with Jon Foy, the film’s director wishing to keep it under wraps. “I kind of cringed at it, because I know it’s going to be a much better movie.” was his […]

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