ASCII generator

I’ve been a fan of ASCII crap for a while and frequently use various ASCII generators to waste time. Today Lifehacker brought to my attention the coolest ASCII generator yet. After dropping a few random photos into it, I made ASCII Toynbee tile. I believe it’s the first ever. Click on the tile for a […]

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Toynbee, 2001 and the Planet Jupiter

I just realized that I never posted this. As I was being born back in 1979, a Philadelphian came across this passage on pgs 139-142 of Arnold Toynbee’s autobiography, Experiences changing his life forever: — Man’s situation is, indeed, paradoxical. Man has a mind that can comprehend infinite time and space, and he has a […]

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Beautiful Mary

Beginning as early as 1980 and ending about a decade later, wheatpaste fliers were glued to bus stations, Communist Workers Party and USA Today newspaper boxes, lampposts, signs and other public surfaces across center city Philadelphia. No photos are known to exist, but one witness remembered, To my continual regret, I never copied down or […]

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