David Mamet and 4 A.M.

How does David Mamet’s 4 A.M. relate to the Toynbee Tiles? Well, the tiles promote the idea of resurrecting the dead on Jupiter through ideas found in the movie 2001 and the writings of Arnold Toynbee. Mamet’s play 4 A.M., which he describes as “a homage to Larry King” relates a conversation between a radio […]

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For Posterity: Clark DeLeon

For the record, here is the entire text of the 1983 article where Philadelphia Inquirer columnist Clark DeLeon interviewed (by phone) a man going by the name James Morasco. THE SCENE – IN PHILADELPHIA AND IT’S SUBURBS THEORIES: WANNA RUN THAT ONE BY ME AGAIN? By CLARK DeLEON The Philadelphia Inquirer This article originally appeard […]

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