Resurrect Dead Premier + House of Hades: you got our attentioin

If you haven’t seen on Facebook, Philebrity, WHYY, WMMR, City Paper, The New York Times, The AV Club or any other number of sources, then you’re probably not finding out here either. But anyway, the Toynbee tile movie, Resurrect Dead is making its Philly debut on Thursday September 8th at the Internatioinal House at 37th […]

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Sundance, From the Stage

So two nights ago, I was standing on the awards stage at the Sundance Film Festival, while Resurrect Dead, Director Jon Foy accepted the award for Best Director in the U.S. Documentary category. I was part of the tiny team that worked on the film and am one of its subjects. I keep telling people […]

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Shepard Fairey

So every once in a while I’m sitting around trying to attach a SQL database to a laptop when a random request comes my way. “Steve, Shepard Fairey is coming tomorrow and no one is covering it. Can you shoot it?” “Yes.” And with that I found myself covering a very small and almost completely […]

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