One of the questions we get most often is “did you ever put the tiles on a map?” The thinking behind the question begs some Hollywood-style grand conspiracy. The scene would play out like this. In some dimly lit room, the intrepid Resurrect Dead team pins tile locations to a giant wall map. As we finish, the camera pans back to reveal a giant arrow pointing to buried Illuminati gold.

The tile map is nowhere near that earth shattering. More than anything, the map of 600+ tiles reveals (with a startling degree of detail) the travel patterns of a Philadelphian with the habit of dropping breadcrumbs all over the eastern half of the United States.

We see regular trips down the shore. We see a preference for Route 1. If we look close enough, we can even see a habit for Dunkin Donuts. Trips to midwestern cities show tiles starting near highway, trailing through downtown and a jump back onto the next on-ramp out of town. It’s no coded message to some wider revelation, but it’s still an interesting look at a life through hundreds of points of data.



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